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Fred Grubb
Owner, Founder, and President of Rocky Mountain Construction in Athol, Idaho.

First Coaster:
Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain after it was just constructed back in 1978.

Top 3 Wooden Coasters:
Texas Giant
Boss (Six Flags St Louis)
Tremors (Silverwood Theme Park)

Favorite Park:
Silverwood Theme Park. The landscaping is beautiful. The park is extremely underrated.

Other Interests:
I enjoy photography - to learn more technical stuff.

Jeff Voogt

First Coaster:
The Wildcat at the original Elitch Gardens in Denver.

Top 3 Wooden Coasters:
Timber Terror (Silverwood Theme Park)
The original Mr. Twister (Elitch Gardens)
Coney Island Cyclone (Coney Island)
But not necessarily in that order

Top 3 Steel Coasters:
Millennium Force (Cedar Point)
Insane (Grona Lund)
Tornado (Bakken).

Favorite Parks:
Disneyland, Leisberg, and Cedar Point.

Favorite All-Time Event:
The 2011 Scandinavian Sojourn as it rekindled my love for coasters and parks.

Other Interests:
I build HO scale models of rides that have lights and are motorized. I also collect working scale models of rides from Don Cummons, who is famous for his attention to detail and creativity.

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